Friday, March 23, 2007

Still Around For Now

I am not lost, nor have I abandoned the blogosphere. I am just tired. Really tired. I have been struggling with some health issues of late, and it appears, though as of yet uncertain, that it may be 'yenne machaleh'. Residual pains in my lower back and legs is also sapping my quality of life down to nothing these days. I work, come home, complain about the pain, and sleep as much as I can. I have some good days when work goes well and I can get to the gym, but those are becoming fewer and further between.

Aside from these problems, trying to follow the immensely and overwhelmingly corrupt world of American politics and corporatism is draining me emotionally. It seems there is nothing to be done about war, corporate infleunce, and misguided justice that favors the privileged over the needy. Those whom we trusted to take on the machinery of war and greed have not and will not do so.

I could still write day and night on the issues, but there are enough on-line resources devoted to the many political and social topics that my small voice is, at this point, redundant.

Hoping that all is well with everyone. Act for Peace, dream of Peace, and Live for peace!

Kol Tuv