Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a President Should Sound Like


I listened to Barack Obama's speech yesterday not once, but five times. This was not a mere political stump speech or an elongated sound byte replete with platitudes and non-offensive buzz words. Obama delivered a lecture on racial history in America and how to go about reconciling those differences and animosities that still linger. It is those hatreds, resentments, and bickering that hold us back from addressing the problems that effect all races, creeds, and peoples equally. Obama put his life in perspective and in turn, showed the commonality all of us share. Obama dared to tell it like it is and, no doubt, lots of very timid people will complain about it.

I cried tears from sheer elation, listening to the brilliant thoughts of this highly educated and widely experienced man speaking a well-known, but seldom spoken, truth about our national heritage. Simultaneously, contrasting Barack Obama with the fucking nincompoop that currently occupies the Oval Office, I bawl from sadness. This once great and powerful nation has, for the last eight years, been subjected to the lowest common denominator and the meanest of intellects. The emptiness of the Neocon/Republican movement and the condescending nature of its purveyors becomes ever so much more evident in light of what Sen. Obama offers to the American people in terms of poise, ability, and compassion.

I had supported John Edwards in his bid for the nomination, but he unfortunately didn't catch on beyond the small dedicated progressive circles in which I travel. His talk of 'Two Americas' is true enough, but this country wasn't quite ready to hear that important message. Perhaps Sen. Obama, who seemed at times to be channeling Edwards, will be the inspirational leader that Edwards could not, for reasons which I do not know. Barack Obama preaches 'Hope'. Let's hope he comes through.

Should he get that far, he has my vote. Barack in 2008!

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Kol Tuv