Sunday, May 20, 2007

Energy Crisis?

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I had my first energy drink a couple of months ago. I’d been fighting an illness related fatigue and, in order to keep working at an acceptable level without arousing suspicion, I turned to Red Bull to give me a little boost. That was a huge mistake. Not that it had any adverse physical side-effects. Quite the opposite occurred, in fact. It gave me exactly what I needed to get through the day and be quite productive. The problem was that it made me too energetic, so much so that I turned into a complete, raging asshole, something which normally only happens when I’m in the midst of depression or drinking Wild Turkey with Republicans.

I already knew from my co-workers that energy drinks can be very addicting and frequent drinkers become physiologically and psychologically dependent upon them. They possess an ultra-high dose of vitamins, sugar, caffeine, and minerals that quickly boost energy levels and alertness. Something that works that hard and that fast cannot be good for you if overused. So now, when I feel the need for a little pick-me-up, I drink one of the lesser powerful, ‘natural’ energy drinks that don’t send my id into total nuclear meltdown. I only will drink a shot or two at a time, and usually at the end of my work day right before I begin my workout. I know to be careful.

I see people much younger than I, even children, buying the strongest of energy drinks in the middle of the day. If these kids don’t have enough energy, what the hell can I expect at my age? What exactly are they doing, or not doing, that requires them to take high doses of stimulants? Is playing video games that important? I almost don’t even want to know at this point. What the hell does the 15 year old have to be tired about? (If you tell me he or she is having lots of sex, I’ll be very jealous, so please, if that’s the case, let me savor my ignorant bliss for a little while longer.)

I think we are going to see some serious physical and emotional damage in both kids and adults from abusing these drinks. I see value in their ability to help someone fatigued, on an occasional basis, get through the day, but otherwise, they seem redundant, over-powerful, and untested. Not that I’m a psychic doctor, but I see kidney failure and thyroid problems in their future.

For now, I’ll just try to stick with a good night’s rest and deep breathing exercises when needed.

Kol Tuv

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