Monday, August 27, 2007

Hillary, Hillary

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Hillary! Hillary! Run for Prez!

Do just what the man on Wall St. says

Maintain, hold fast to the status quo

Or to the Oval Office you'll never go

Kiss some ass at Goldman Sachs

Shake all the hands at Pfizer

When on WalMart’s board

You were truly whored

And most were none the wiser

The health care talk that you began

During your husband’s reign

Now not a peep

Were you bought off cheap

By the big insurers again?

Go ahead and support that war

Of which you claim others deceived you

And that vote for wiretapping

Was just you slapping

The faces of those who dared believe you

Don’t tell us how you understand

Plights and pains of the working man

You forgot about us long before

You ever hit the Senate floor

You’re labeled as a real Democrat

But few of us are fooled by that

So go home now and wash that tush

‘Cuz to me you smell like rotten Bush!


Anonymous said...

this is for the sleaze blogs, not for a jewish one.

mnuez said...
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mnuez said...

Gut gezukt.

Oh, okay, the dirty tush and bush imagery isn't entirely appreciated (I need to eat sometime today, buddy!) but your poem and your point are excellent. Personaly I'm
for Edwards
, how 'bout you?

Of course it's all bullshit anyway. Congress is already Democrat, so where the fuck is our universal healthcare?

Then again, I kinna feel proud that we're the only civilized nation in the world that has stood strong against the ravages of totalitarian communism and has refused to allow poor people to live too long.

We're number one! (oh, okay, forty
, but still...)


Shlomo said...


I am also leaning towards Edwards in '08.

The last line,"smells like rotten Bush", is not a reference to Hillary's vagina, rather to GW Bush, who Hillary seems to support most of the time. Her financial supporters and interests and his are from the same place.

She smells like rotten 'Bush'.

Get it, people?

Ben said...

excuse me but to change the subject. what's your take on the recent rash of suicides in the shechua?

Detroit Non-Theist Society said...


I had no idea such a thing was going on? Could you provide more details?

This is very sad news.

ben said...

just check out google news or, scroll down a bit as he news is over a week old

rainawebd said...

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