Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Neturei Karta: And You Thought I Was Crazy?

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Recently, ranking members of the Neturei Karta joined President Ahmadinejad's anti-Israel Holocaust denial convention in Iran. I am ashamed to admit that some of my own cousins are among their numbers. The scary part is something very common among Chasidim; the impossibility for others to tell us apart. The guy in the back of the photo could be my uncle or even my grandfather. If I were still wearing the traditional levush, or chasidic garb, I too could easily be mistaken for one of these clowns. That is, until you speak with me.

I am not going to get into any debates about Israel, religious philosophy, and halacha. I am equally critical of both while, at the same time, understanding the necessity for both secular and religious underpinnings to Israeli society. I also feel the Palestinians have gotten a very raw deal. That is, however, a far cry from asking that Israel pack up and go away. I cannot, for the life of me, understand which Torah, Talmud, Jewish Law, or history book these traitors are reading from. Even if one agrees to the premise of their argument (I certainly do not) i.e. Messianism as the sole precursor to Jewish statehood, at this point the argument is moot. Since the rise of pan-Arab and Moslem nationalism, the nation of Israel and Jews around the world are in a state of Sakanah (danger) and that physical threat of terrorism trumps any and all other considerations.

As matter of Pikuach Nefesh for our state and ourselves, the Neturei Karta should be OUTLAWED in Israel and put into Cherem (excommunication) everywhere else on Earth. If the Israelis somehow saw it fit to outlaw the Kach Party (bad move I think), they should have no qualms whatsoever about throwing these assholes right out of the country. Then again, it's Israel; the land where what shouldn't be is law and what should be doesn't have a coalition strong enough to enact it.

It is one thing to harbor deep resentment for a nation that doesn't share your principles and beliefs. One should be encouraged to dissent and to argue those beliefs in any forum available. Yet, to actively rub shoulders with our sworn enemies in a manner of agreement with their core ideals is plain old-fashioned treason and should be handled as such. I respect dissent; it is what defines me. I cannot and will not offer even one word of compassion for those who physically join forces with those who swear to kill us.

Am Yisroel, b'Eretz Yisroel, Chai L'Olam!

(....and to the Neturei Karta...FUCK YOU!)

Kol Tuv


Anonymous said...

How different is NK from Satmar in terms of their hashkafa?

Ben said...

The only logial comment about them is thay are not JEWS

Shlomo said...

Re:Satmar Hashkafa

I think (dangerous propostion, true) that Satmar is primarily a self-perpetuating idea. Do they care what anyone else is doing? Not really. They would not mind it one bit if the world left them alone (except of course for business.) This was my impression from the few Satmar chevra I knew well.

The NK on the other hand are a cult within a cult. Sure, many Satmar feel as they do. But how many Satmar DO as they do? Very few. In every religious movement you have those who are willing to do what others are thinking. THAT is often dangerous.

I wonder if the NK are actually secret worshippers of Noam Chomsky.

Anonymous said...

Other than pulling publicity stunts, NK are harmless. Like trolls on the internet they are best ignored, therefore when you said FUCK YOU you made their day.

Shlomo said...


You reminded me of a subject I have long wished to write on. TY.

BTW, are you sure you know what 'fuck you' means?

Andrea said...

remember to sign