Friday, December 01, 2006

What Kind of Bug Are You?

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Today at the office we had way too much free time to banter about. Inevitably, after a half hour or more of random babbling, we find out something about one of our coworkers that we were better off never having found out. We also tend to play games on occasion. For a while we played the 'movie game', which consists of naming all movies that start with a particular letter. Today, however, the topic was bugs, and which sort of insect, if you could choose one, would you prefer to be?

Needless to say that the ladies present chose either lady beetles or butterflies. Not bad choices, but still unimaginative. Choosing a bug simply because it is pretty or because it's the only one you can think of on the spot isn't all that amazing a feat. One fellow decided he would be a praying mantis, rather predictable considering his inflated ego, and another a water strider, a bug that actually walks on water. (No, he isn't a devout Christian.) Forced by the competition at this point to be original and witty, I waited patiently for my turn to speak up. I can't stomach any games, no matter how silly, that don't provide some artistic challenge, and topping the water strider (a very, very cool bug) would require some quick thinking.

So here's my response:

"If I could be a bug, I would be dung beetle. Why, you ask? This way, when my life turns to SHIT, I'd already be an expert at handling it!"

(For those of you who haven't seen a water strider, here is good picture:)

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